Rafael Hernandez School of Performing Arts, Newark, NJ

Before RenovationThis project was completed under the NJ School Construction Corporation (NJSCC) Health and Safety Program. We worked with the PMF (PB+3Di) to provide a remedy for controlling leaking through the existing standing seam metal roof system. Both the school and its roof were constructed relatively recently – so we were quite surprised that the roof would have required replacement. Review of original contract drawings and our field and warranty reconnaissance showed that poor design, detailing, and installation, as well as a lack of warranty for watertight-ness contributed to the failure. As a result – all of the 50,000 SF of metal roof and underlying wet insulation was removed and replaced. In one location we mandated an increase in the roof pitch to the minimum recommended by the manufacturer to avoid failure and to secure warranty coverage for the new system. This roof pitch alteration required reconfiguration of an exterior wall and window condition where the roof intersected the wall above (see photos). Replacement of roof & problem correctionEven though this wall and window work was expanded scope – the project was completed within the budget and contingency originally allotted by the NJSCC.

The detailing for roof replacement in our contract documents included each individual condition that would be encountered during the construction of the work. Utilizing the manufacturer’s drawings as a basis – and tailoring them to represent actual field conditions saves drafting time – conforms to warranty requirements and alerts contractors to the items needed and the conditions that they can expect during installation. Security system alterations and additions – in the form of magnetic door locking and remote release/access capabilities were also incorporated in our work. Installation of protective window guards at the upper windows of the gymnasium where installed to combat frequent breakage of these units.

Finished roof

Extensive replacement of interior door hardware at stairwells and assembly areas was also performed. We chose heavy-duty hardware meant for multi-use and school-level environments. Our work goes well beyond that which is required by Contract: the school district was recently in need of a copy of the warranty documents for the roof. Unable to procure them from anyone else, their telephone call to our office resulted in retrieval of the paperwork from our archive and the requested documents were at the school offices within a day’s time.