Benefits of Working with De Biasse and Seminara

  • Our firm size allows us to be attentive and responsive to our clients.
  • A firm principal is involved in the day-to-day aspects of your project and is your point of contact.
  • We specialize in design work.
  • It is a fact that good design sells: A well-designed house has a higher resale value. A well-designed store draws customers. A well-designed work environment attracts employees and increases productivity.
  • We provide options during the design phase to stimulate discussion and show that there is more than one “right” way to accomplish your objectives in design.
  • We are detail-oriented and produce clear construction drawings, leaving nothing to be assumed.
  • We look at the big picture when completing a project, whatever its size, often uncovering new avenues to creative solutions.
  • Our service-oriented approach integrates energy-saving strategies into beautiful three dimensional environments that satisfy our client needs.
  • Our solutions capitalize on the attributes of the site and conserve resources.
  • We design for the long-term: balancing utility, aesthetics and life-cycle costs, while protecting resources and avoiding excess.

Appropriate Architecture = Good Business.