Lake Dundee Boathouse for the New York Rowing Association, Elmwood Park, NJ

This new facility of approximately 3000 square feet is proposed to be constructed on land adjacent to the Passaic River. Up to twenty (20) ‘eight-man’ shells will be accommodated. The foundation system will be timber pilings, elevating the first floor above the flood plain. A wood boat loading ramp is proposed at one end of the facility.

Right side viewWhen complete, the space will include capability for rental events to offset costs associated with maintenance and program development.

All materials and systems are appropriate and efficient for the intended use, including wood structure, natural lighting, durable interior and exterior low maintenance finishes. Locating a solar array to take advantage of the roof exposure and the exploit the power of the sun to assist in providing electrical power to the facility will further the sustainability of the structure.

This project was made possible in part by our commitment to the 1% Program for Public Architecture.

The New York Rowing Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing, since being founded by rowers in 1866. Today, it fulfills its mission by introducing young people to rowing through composite, community, adaptive and school-based programs.